Easy DIY cafe curtains

With the increase of high-rise apartments popping up around the area I decided it was time to fix myself some cafe-style halfway curtains to maintain some privacy whilst still allowing plenty of daylight into my craft space. I wanted something quick, thrifty, pretty, yet versatile. Behold, the Tea towel cafe curtain!


Tea towels come pre-sewn and at the perfect length for most windows so you won’t have to worry about measuring and cutting fabric pieces, plus the edges are already seamed and finished so you won’t have to worry about those either. With such a wide variety of prints and fabrics available you really shouldn’t have trouble finding something to suit you. You can also get a handful of basic tea towels for very little cost these days, Pound shop or Vintage? the choice is yours. But you don’t have to stick to one type, because these cafe curtains are easily interchangeable as they are held up by curtain clips. Swap and choose as you like 🙂

***You will need***

2 – 4 Tea towels/dishcloths (I used 4 which was plenty for my window of 1.5 meters wide)

Curtain wire and clips

Seam Ripper

Sewing machine

I am using some Cath Kidston tea towels which I bought in the sale but can’t actually bear to use as tea towels, since they’re so pretty. The fabric is quite a thick canvas cotton but you can choose a more sheer fabric depending on how see-through you want your curtains. You can use this method for kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, or wherever you want some partial privacy.

DIY cafe curtains

Measure your window to decide how many tea towels you will need. Three was enough to span my window so I added an extra one for ease. You can add as many as you like depending on how much gathering you want. The more the merrier!

Rip open the side seams (lengthways only) of your middle pieces. Note: You will only have to open one length of your far left and far right pieces as the outside edges are already seamed and you want to keep those intact. For example; I opened both seams of pieces 2 and 3 and only one side of pieces 1 and 4 of my tea towel panels.

DIY cafe curtains

DIY cafe curtains

Decide which end will be the bottom of your curtain,

with two pieces facing stitch tea towels together…

DIY cafe curtains

DIY cafe curtains

Sew all the way down the length,

then open the seam and fold it over…

DIY cafe curtains

DIY cafe curtains

and stitch over it.

Continue until all your pieces are joined into one horizontal panel…

DIY cafe curtains

Like me, you might find that the tea towels don’t always match in length…

DIY cafe curtains

You can either trim off the excess or simply fold it under until it matches the shorter piece underneath then stitch as normal…DIY cafe curtains

Pieces all sewn together!

DIY cafe curtains

Attach curtain clips along the top of your fab new curtain panel and hang the panel on to your curtain wire or whichever system you have…

DIY cafe curtains

Admire your Easy DIY teatowel curtains!

DIY cafe curtains

If you have a very small window, you may not have to do any sewing at all, just hang one panel on either side of your window using the clips and you’re done! If you have a small AND short window? Try hanging your panels horizontally instead of vertically. Heck, you can even try patchworking multiple patterns and pieces together, or try adding lace edges or ribbon for your own truly unique curtain panels.

Let me know how you get on, I would love to see your creations!


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