Tealight Illuminaries

Repurposed jars

Got a spare jam/coffee jar lying around? Or maybe even a few jars lying around? DON’T THROW THEM AWAY! Give this project a go, there are many useful ways to repurpose glass jars. I have been slowly accumulating a collection of jars with the aim of doing a post on baking-things-into-jars, such as cake and bread. But I haven’t quite got enough yet, so for today I wanted to use this whimsical pack of napkins I bought from Tiger stores to make little tealight illuminaries.

***You will need*** 

Some napkins with motifs of your choice

Decoupage / PVA glue

A Small Paintbrush



Repurposed Glass Jars

Begin by rinsing your jars really clean and removing the sticky labels. I learned recently that a can of WD40 does the trick. Just spray and wipe! If you haven’t got that to hand, some alcohol or white spirit should do the job nicely.

There are two methods you can use to cut out the motifs:

Repurposed jars

Either cut out the motifs as closely around the edges as you can, then remove all the extra paper layers…

Repurposed jars

OR Separate the layers by pulling off the top sheet from the others and cutting out the pieces afterwards. Either way, you will only be needing the top layer.

Repurposed jars

Once you have cut out your pieces, we can begin with the Decoupage technique. This basically means, glueing your paper pieces, in layers, on to your chosen surface. You can decoupage onto virtually anything from wood, metal, glass and plastic but the key is allowing the drying time between each layer. This makes it scratch resistant and washable. Its worth the wait!

Dip your paintbrush into some glue and paint it on to the glass, about the size of your paper motif. Apply the motif lightly on to the glue with dry hands to prevent bubbles or ripping…

Repurposed jarsRepurposed jars

Gently cover the motifs with a layer of glue and allow to dry 1 hour

Repurposed jars

Apply a second layer of glue then allow to dry another 1 hour

Repurposed jars

They’re done!

Afterwards, I decided to paint the tops of mine using two coats of Americana acrylic paint in Razzle Berry and Bluegrass Green, just to add a pop of colour…

Repurposed jars

Enjoy your twinkly tealight illuminaries!

Repurposed jars

Repurposed jars

Try putting your pens or stationery items into them, or use them in the kitchen to hold your cutlery and cooking utensils.

You can even send them to me so that I can do a post on baking yummy things into jars 🙂


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