Scented Pine cones




Went for a lovely walk in the park this weekend and gathered a small batch of pine cones for this seasonal crafty post. You can probably buy these in the shops but seeing as pine cones are so readily available at this time of the year, it doesn’t make sense to pay for them. Just put your coat on, go for a stroll in the park and return with your bag of swag. Scented pine cones are very easy to make and you can choose your own scent. Imagine coming home from work on a dark autumnal evening to a house smelling of warm apple pie and spiced Cinnamon 🙂

**You will need**

Pine cones, Cinnamon Essential Oil / any of your choice

Scented Pinecones

Once you have gathered all your pine cones its time to put them in the oven! This helps to crisp them up as well as bake out any bugs still living in them. Arrange your pine cones on a baking tray lined with foil and Bake at Gas mark 5/200 degrees for 20 minutes. Get ready for the warm spicy scent of pine to fill your kitchen as they get toasty in the oven. Gorgeous!

Remove your tray of pine cones from the oven and allow them to cool down completely. They will be darker in colour and slightly more fragile so handle them gently. If you happen to have a can of spray adhesive to hand, give them a light coating. Mine look a bit like a tray of fossils, no? 🙂


Pine sap will have oozed out making the edges slightly shiny too


This pine cone is one of my favourites because it looks so unusual and beautiful. Almost like a cinnamon pastry! Its scent was also sweeter smelling compared to the other Long & Shortleaf pines in my haul. It is from the Atlas Cedar tree and although very popular here in Britain, they also appear to be a delicacy for woodland critters (squirrels?) so this was the only intact one we could find. The rest had been greedily munched on, like apples.


Place a handful of pine cones into a ziplock bag, sprinkle a few drops of your chosen essential oil (I love Cinnamon), give the bag a shake to mix things up. Then leave them to infuse in the bag for between 1 – 7 days depending on how intensely you want them to smell. Repeat and top up with more oil if needed.

How to Make Scented Pine Cones

Make some tea, put your feet up, and enjoy your

deliciously scented home 🙂


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