Easy DIY cafe curtains

With the increase of high-rise apartments popping up around the area I decided it was time to fix myself some cafe-style halfway curtains to maintain some privacy whilst still allowing plenty of daylight into my craft space. I wanted something quick, thrifty, pretty, yet versatile. Behold, the Tea towel cafe curtain! Tea towels come pre-sewn […]

KERB your Hunger!

One of the best things about sleeping in late at the weekend and waking up hungry is being able to pop down to yummy foodie gatherings such as KERB. I love crafting- that’s true, but I am also quite fond of food. Very fond indeed…   A variety of different food stalls and trucks line up […]


Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! I am dedicated to all things crafty and handmade. If there is a simpler, quicker, eco-thrifty way to make or do something, I will probably attempt it. I like making things with my own hands because I find it heaps more satisfying. Do I have a favourite craft? Nope! […]